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Release date: in 2012, October 26,

Figure for the municipal Committee Secretary Wan qingliang, Yang Yanwen and aid in our region Party Secretary of Xinjiang enterprises Exchange

August 18th - Japan, combined with the Guangzhou city government delegation to Xinjiang to aid Kashi area Shufu County launched investigation activities, I zone government delegation to Xinjiang to carry out research work to support. In 4 days, my area delegation visited Shufu government of county of county Party committee leadership, visited the scene of my area built the Xinjiang pine electronic project, called " Shufu Huadu Industrial aid border job conference and motorized Dayun project signing ceremony ", and participated in the " new Guangzhou, new business opportunities of Urumqi will promote. " activity.

District Secretary of the Party committee, the District People's Congress Standing Committee Yang Yanwen, district standing committee, the district government of Li Xiaodong of director of general office, the District Economic and Trade Bureau, Shufu county Party committee deputy secretary Yang Weiqiang, the government of Shufu County deputy magistrate of Shufu County Li Qiang, in charge of relevant departments, as well as from my area of Guangzhou pine electronic technology limited company, Guangzhou limited company of autocycle, Dayun Guangzhou City Ao TC Electronic Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou million Xinda group enterprises responsible person to participate in the relevant activities.

In August 20th, my area delegation visited the scene of my area built the Xinjiang pine electronic project and held the " Shufu Huadu Industrial aid border job conference and motorized Dayun project signing ceremony ". On the meeting, leader of Shufu county to Shufu county were introduced the advantages of investment. District Economic and Trade Bureau report a year to aid border job : so far, in 12 districts of Guangzhou City, from Whampoa , Haizhu, Huadu, Conghua aid border 2 projects had begun construction, which to self area of Xinjiang Pine Limited company of Electronic Science and technology project is whole town each district ( city) first completed completion industrial aid border project, coupled with a motorized Dayun project signing, marking the area of counterpart aid border has made substantial progress, have been walking in the forefront. It was also the enterprise and government communication and motorized Dayun project signing ceremony. Motorized Dayun project also becomes my area second to Shufu county investment project.

Li Xiaodong represents the district government made a statement. He said: Huadu counterpart aid border job can obtain good effect, there are two main reasons, one is the district government height takes seriously, two is responsible for the work of the relevant departments to fulfil reach the designated position. He said, no matter what difficulties, will go to all lengths of Huadu District, to make every attempt, and Shufu county Party committee and government together to do a good job in Shufu economic construction. He also suggested the Huadu District entrepreneurs consider when conditions are ripe to Shufu county regional development.

After the meeting, Yang Yanwen invited the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wan Qingliang to attend my area in Xinjiang mission activities. Wan Qingliang encourages everyone to large investment drive big development ideas to actively to invest in Xinjiang. Yang Yanwen said, thank you very much to invest in Xinjiang, and hope that entrepreneurs combine him is actual, efforts in Xinjiang to develop new markets, achieve win-win situation.

The morning of August 21st, Yang Yanwen joined the Guangzhou city government delegation in Urumqi was held on 2012 " new Guangzhou, new opportunities to " promote, witness to my area shipp biotechnology companies such as project 3, a total investment of 600000000 yuan in total contract.

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