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In 2009, pine leaves electronic joint of Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University develop portable multimedia projector home theater product of real practical significance of multiple research and development background, in June 2010, the pine electronic has released the world's first portable multimedia projector home theater machine successfully developed, creating a Chinese manufacturers in the global status of portable multimedia projector home theater. Pine electronics in March 2011, launched the world's first COCZC portable multimedia projector home theater, achieved 1024x768 of the original resolution. Consider to network of universal and WIFI of large application, COCZC in projector internal Fusion has NETBOOK technology, application latest of full media technology and smart operating system, diverse, next-generation pine leaves electronic LED portable projection family theater is no longer fusion DVD play Manager; combination high-end 3D decoding chip and 3D comb shaped filtering chip of high-end PMP (personal moved digital multimedia) features, achieved has digital media of integration features; European standard of 1080P decoding, HDMI entered Plus TV input, loose leaf electronics COCZC projector, is the new generation of truly mobile portable multimedia projector home theater. Anytime, anywhere access to the cinema feeling.

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