Real 2 years the original warranty, heart broken

Pine needle electronic projector provided 2 years of the warranty, " zero " the cost of supplies, " zero " customer service cost. Remove any menace from the "rear", get along well with home theater can really realize! Pine needle electronic projector home theater, the use of global LED industry leading enterprises of quality products, LED light source the effective life of 20000 hours, a number of patents, security products stand on one's own innovation level of science and technology, new!

LED projection light source, is almost a permanent light source. The use of pine needle electronic COCZC portable multimedia projector home theater, you can be sure after reading " prison break " ... ... And you love all TV programs, you can in their own theater watching you like all movies ... ...

In any case, you do not need to change the projection lamp. Pine needle electronic COCZC portable multimedia projector home theater, the use of global LED industry leading enterprises of quality products, lamp design life of 50000 hours, the effective life of 20000 hours or more, 2 year warranty;

You do not need to worry about every few months to change the bulb, not time-consuming effort, cost is very high; you do not have to worry about the use of a few months after the bulb brightness attenuation, family dissatisfaction; traditional HID+ single LCD projector optical engine, because do not have professional design, hand needs often cleaning dust, smoke, and on the other hand, extremely easy to be grilled yellow roast bad. It has been eliminated. Terrible is, these were eliminated by the product manufacturers direct LED lamp group to replace the original LED lights group known as the portable multimedia projector home theater. The early Internet users have found.

Pine needle electronic R & D new optical engine, radiator, and a series of patented technology, is the first China-made professional portable projector home theater, is so far the highest technical content, the most practical super products. From the KTV environment dust, smoke can not be stained by LCD LED brightness decay. More importantly, no liquid crystal screen using the silicon crystal change projection works, plus a special LED light source itself are low in calories, silicon life and effect than the liquid crystal revolutionary upgrade.

Pine needles in the electronic industry, the first commitment: 2 years of the warranty ( including LED bulbs and silicon )


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