High end design, with a new heart

Uphold the pine electronic European design style, with simple lines as beauty, solemn atmosphere. At the same time into the Oriental aesthetic taste, and ergonomic design essence. The appropriate to such a state, is a design classic. With simple lines outline the waistline, the air inlet, air outlet, bell mouth good show. Many functional design and aesthetics design be made one, like nature itself -- highest quality. Piano surface materials processing, more practical high-end European no paint environmental protection technology and resistant to fingerprints technology, embodies the products of high quality, and without the use of conventional projector using paint. Can an excellent foil family theater atmosphere. Function design of user of press close to, in order to better home theater experience, pine needle electronic love to. Whether I was watching the game, or in the movies playing, always worry in enjoy yourself while, will disturb others. Pine needle electronic portable multimedia projector home theater design, developed the MUSIC2FM function, can be input to the projector audio signal, converted to FM signal output. Now you can put on the earphones, or even use your mobile phone, enjoy! In the first generation of pine needles pine electronic integrated projector, electronic classic design is highlighted for the family of portable, multimedia, television and other daily to achieve the basic functions, let people enjoy theater whenever and wherever possible. The second generation was electronic portable multimedia projector home theater, perfect the design is our extreme pursuit. High-end design, generous and perfect functions will set off a new round of market climax, please look forward to......


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