Low carbon energy saving environmental ...

The traditional HID or DLP projector projector, the average power consumption in 250 watts of. Pine needle electronic portable multimedia projector home theater, power consumption less than 60 watts. You won't because the waste containing mercury bulb and pollution of the environment; because the saved about 80% of electricity consumption, you can also set an example by personally taking part to cut greenhouse gases; less energy consumption, no need to replace the bulb, the use of such projectors, not only fulfill your heart's low carbon dreams, also can be more economical.

As exports of Europe and the United States the main models, follow the RoHS standard. From outside to inside, pine needles electrons will be strict in one's demands. The appearance of the paint light process, to produce UV varnishing process are feeling better piano paint surface effect. Internal use of lead-free technology circuit board, is to reduce pollution and put one's heart and soul into.

Cold + static, open and bright, is to close namely walk

Pine needle electronic portable multimedia projector home theater technology brings higher efficiency, this means a lower body temperature and lower noise. From now on, you appreciate the blockbusters not feel at home there one day the roaring generator.

Portable multimedia projector home theater " cold " " static " advantages more than this. Ultra stable circuit, mean time to failure ( MTBF ) than the traditional light projector long nearly 10 times more

The traditional projector, using either a UHP/UHE or HID light source, light source, startup will take a few minutes, shutdown will take a few minutes. More angry is the voltage fluctuation, extremely easy to cause the projector shutdown, shutdown after cannot start immediately. The next room air conditioning start, your room projector stops, you can allow?

LED inherent advantages, let the pine electronic portable multimedia projector home theater to open and bright, is to close namely walk. And wide adaptable voltage range of DC12V to its quality and strive for further improvement.


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