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Project background

" Food basket project " is a relationship to the social stability and national economy growth of the major livelihood projects, and the government and the people's livelihood.

In recent years, on one hand the vegetable prices soaring, hand vegetable pollution incidents occur frequently, high prices to buy be at ease dish has become people's life difficult problem.

Vegetable pollution causes:

Irrigation water pollution;

Heavy metal ions in soil accumulation leads to a high content of heavy metals in plants;

Pesticide pollution;

Sulfur dioxide in the air, nitrogen oxide gas too much rainfall, lead acid, resulting in contaminated vegetables.

The use of fertilizer is too large

Routine without vegetable of social effects of pollution, organic vegetable current situation:

Cultivation of high cost ( land utilization rate is low, artificial, weather and other factors)

The yield is generally low, vegetable price is on the high side

Planting technical threshold is high, the planting environment is harsh, is not conducive to popularization

Sunlight led to high levels of nitrate in vegetables

Greenhouse cultivation: nutrient deficiency

The planting of greenhouse vegetable nitrate content higher than open 16% a 20%

Vitamin C, soluble sugar content and low

Effect of nitrate on body health:

High-speed rail of hemoglobin, enabling children to hypoxia;

Conversion to nitrosamines, stimulate digestive system cancer

Effect of surface: the human intake of nitrate 70%-85% from vegetables, especially green vegetables

Nitrate analysis

Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer

In greenhouse, photosynthesis is insufficient


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