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   The company has always regarded human resources management for the enterprise management is the first important step. Adhere to the " people-oriented " management philosophy, adhere to the " authority duty is trenchant, can match, pay reasonable " management principles, to provide staff with a good career stage. We implemented the position competition mechanism, through internal postings and external selection activation talent precipitate layer, promote talents talent showing itself, to achieve effective human resource development and reasonable configuration.In addition, the enterprises in the introduction, absorption, training and use of talents management of the establishment of a complete set of management system. Through the specific remuneration, training, evaluation and other series of measures, and continuously improve staff quality, optimize personnel structure.Pine needle always adhere to the " people ", "education " and " motivation " to the principle of combining, the employee occupation career planning into enterprise training track, so that employees in service enterprises realize the strategic goal of promoting enterprise at the same time, also in accordance with the clear occupation development goals, to accept a variety of training, to achieve a higher personal development.In the post promotion, the important post post competition, to provide the longitudinal development of space; positions, the position is designed to have strong tensile resistance, make each job bear more of the content of the work, actively encourage employees to transverse development, cultivate compound talents, to each person with the full realization of self value development of space." Wide world of excellence, creating a whisk hongye ".Pine Industrial in recruitment, follow the " integrity of both" principle, if you have the following conditions, to here " make it big ", we sincerely invite you to join us, and the achievement of our common cause." People-oriented human resources strategy "Our people-oriented, talents for enterprises as the biggest capital, promote the common development of employees and enterprises, every employee has to be respected and the desire to achieve self-worth, to this end, the company actively advocated "people-oriented, with the system for the protection, to the premise for the team, equality, trust " of the corporate culture and to carry out the talent strategy.

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