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Pine needle electronic culture is a cultural concept, is the pine needles shared way of thinking, spirit, behavior criterion, morality and work style, management science. Pine enterprise culture, explants to 5000 years of Chinese traditional culture soil, and swallow anything and everything all the advanced civilization of the essence of human beings, in the community set up a good corporate image, so that the " pine " truly become a first-class modern enterprise, and the world as a stage, let every SongYe people to the world, build up establishment.

" Pine " first take knowledge as their wealth, with a broad and profound cultural, scientific and technological knowledge and practical experience to support the " pine " building, the contribution to the knowledge society in the history of human civilization, to add a new page. Knowledge is wealth. Konka people not to move or retreat is the creed.

" Pine " precious wealth is not money, not only is the first-class production equipment, but have a good quality, social responsibility of the modern civilized people. Matsuba Hito's morals, is the Chinese traditional culture the best combination of modern civilization, Matsuba Hito's social responsibility, is to use good improvement, purify the social environment, service and the benefit of the community.

" Pine " cohesion, in one embodiment each staff love enterprise, love life, respect for others, courtesy others, advocate of civilization, advocating struggle, the courage to forge ahead, the courage to competition and sincere, faithful, generous, giving, dedication.

Matsuba Hito not only pay attention to their own instrument better, more concerned with the inner world.

The company identified: a target, two styles, three principles, four spirits and five concept:

target: world class

style: seek truth from facts, be strict in one's demands

The principle: high level, high efficiency, high efficiency

④ spirit : innovation, advance awareness, solidarity and cooperation, selfless dedication

The concept: the concept of talents, competition concept, market concept, management idea, service idea



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